Jacksonville Camera Club

Admin Team

gordon 200

Gordon Ira


Responsible for: Overall club administration, club spokesperson, appointment of  committee chairs, preside over club and board meetings

Craig Shier 200

Craig Shier


Responsible for: Substitute for President during absence, Program Director, Member of the Board.

Jim Jordan - web portrait - 2016

Jim Jordan


Responsible for: Club finances, Member of the Board.

bron photo-JCC

Bronwyn Horvath


Responsible for: Club correspondence, Minutes of all meetings, Club Points System, Member of the Board.

lynda smith

Lynda Smith

SOTW Liaison, Director

Responsible for: Liaison with Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran School, Member of the Board.


Julius Dean

Mono Print Chair, F3C Rep, Director

Responsible for: Monochrome Print Contest Administration, Club Liaison to FCCC, Member of the Board.



Brian Leonard

LPIG  Manager, Director

Responsible for: Managing the Lighting and Portrait Interest Group, Member of the Board

jan4 200 200

Jan Vallely

Outings Chair and Banquet Manager

Responsible for: Club outings and annual banquet administration, Member of the Board

john neel

John Neel

Clicks Editor – Property Manager

Clicks Editor and Responsible for: Club property, sound and projection equipment, Member of the Board, Email

Charise 200 200

Charise Tanner

Digital Contest Chair

Responsible for: Digital Contest admin., PSA contact, Member of the Board.


jen thompson 200 200

Jennifer Thompson

Membership Chair

Responsible for: Club Members Administration, Member of the Board


Rick Hartmann

Website Editor

Responsible for: Website content and evangelist

gail 200 200

Gail Means

Facebook Manager

Responsible for: Club's Facebook administration

Tina Jordan 200 200

Tina Jordan

People Choice Manager

Responsible for: Monthly People's Choice Photo Contest


Kathy Headshot 200px

Kathy Jaworski


Responsible for: Managing club's collection of digital and hard books and videos

linda lynn 200

Linda Lynn

Fifty–Fifty Manager

Responsible for: Administration of Fifty–Fifty Contest

ed hopper 200

Ed Hooper

JCC Mentor

Responsible for: Placeholder for next JCC volunteer


Georges Seurat

JCC Mentor

Responsible for: Placeholder for next JCC volunteer


Young McQueen


Responsible for: Club's Website, Member of the Board, Email

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